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The set Repoussage «Perfection»

Артикул: 437001E

A set for creating astonishing metal bas-reliefs for the whole family. It’s time to create beauty with your own hands!The set „Repoussage is a great opportunity for you and your child to show your inventiveness and mastery in creating astonishing images on soft metal. You will be able to create 3D-images on metal by working the soft and plastic surface of a metal sheet with the help of a special set of wooden sticks, but the detailed manual inside the set will make the process simple and easy to understand. Show your know-how and skills! Repoussage is one of the oldest kinds of artistic metal working. Since old times repoussage had been used for decorating furniture, creating different elements of ornament or as a piece of art in itself. Working with the set cultivates your child‘s know-how, handiness and patience and provides a great opportunity for you and your child to interact creatively with each other while making a one of a kind object of decoration!

Возраст: 10
Артикул: 437001E
Бренд : Josephin