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The set Beadwork mistresses “Dragonfly“

Артикул: 504005

There is a set for beadwork in front of you. This fragile material appeared in the ornamental art in ancient times and became an essential element of decoration of clothes and interior during the Renaissance. For a long time Venice retained leadership in the bead art until the skilled Bohemian craftsmen deprived them of the leadership in the XVII century.Beadwork became very popular in Russia at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries and remained a favourite occupation of velvet girls hands before the revolution. Patiently sitting on small felt pillows our very young great-grandmas did their diligent work in the vibrating light of iron lamp. And their mothers and nannies nodded approvingly to encourage their work looking touched through the old-fashioned pince-nez on the not finished pattern. Today beadwork still remains the best occupation for girls who are eager, have intuition and taste. Using this set both experienced even the beginner can stitch nice and simple patterns which will become a beautiful decoration of the interior. A cream-coloured canvas, beads of different colours, an old-fashioned frame, a pattern layout and detailed creation guide and shaping of the ready-made embroidery are carefully packed in this set. In short, all these things will help you and your dear ones. Take a dive into a wonderful world of creation!

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Артикул: 504005
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