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The set Wood carving «Forest Squirrel»

Артикул: 706009E

Back in the far away XII. century, on the left bank of the Volga River a big village emerged, and was called Gorodets. This village rose to fame because of its artful smiths, dyers, and spice cake bakers. However, most of all people there loved timbering and wood carving. The experts, whose mastery even Tsar Peter I. admired, were ornamenting the boards of sailing ships, cogs and other vessels built right there by the Volga River with an intricate carving. With the help of a simple chisel and a chopper wonderful wooden lace was created, which Gorodets residents used to decorate handles, gates and their houses porch roofs. For their personal use as well as for sale, they carved spoons, salt cellars, spinning wheels, built small chests, toys, bowls, and cups. Meanwhile, in order for the utensils to become a feast for the eyes, they started colouring them with bright, juicy paints. They pictured fancy flower garlands, large roses, wild horses and exotic birds. That is how this ancient original arty craft came to life.

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Артикул: 706009E
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