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The set Picturesque modeling Age of dinosaurs

Артикул: 477055E

Just like clay came alive in the hands of the ancient masters, being shaped up to boundless imagination of the creator, modern plasticine also has subjected to various metamorphoses, until, finally, it becomes a unique tool to create incredibly beautiful pictures! Mastering simple technique of plasticine paintings with your child, you will very soon find out that it is not just interesting, handy, but useful as well. The whole process is very similar to the oil painting - color plasticine is rolled into small balls and is applied to cardboard by strokes, which contributes to the development of fine motor skills of the child and gives an idea of the richness of colors and shades. This exciting experience of simultaneous modeling and painting will make plasticine picture more sculptured, and therefore more vivid. Animals, birds and even dinosaurs are looking forward to get out of the jungle, mountains and sea depths into the hands of little masters and to become a decoration of child's room or a gift for a friend!

Возраст: 7
Артикул: 477055E
Бренд : Fantazёr