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Фантазер The set Living picture 3D «Water-lily»

The set Living picture 3D «Water-lily»

Product number:  956025E

Decoupage is a technique of decorating an object by intricately cutting out images imprinted on different materials: paper, wood, textiles and leather. This name originates from a French word decouper meaning to cut out. As early as in the Medieval Ages, decoupage was used to create different things of art. However, you do not have to be an artist to master this skill. The good thing about it is that even a person, who is not capable of drawing anything, can achieve an excellent result. For example, in XIX century in England the decoupage found its way into almost every house. At that time large numbers of affordable sheets coming into market, upon which the collections of images for cutting out were printed. Beginning decorators, even though very young, will find great pleasure in creating 3D decoupage images. It is, indeed, a real miracle, having your hands turn a common and conventional drawing into a living picture, where birds and butterflies are just about to flutter their wings, bees to buzz or a kitten to purr! The 3D decoupage technique may be called an all-purpose one. You can employ it either to create pictures as such in order to make your home interior special and charming, or you can use it as a decoration element to adorn a gift box or a postcard. An easy to handle 3D decoupage art is not only a captivating work, but it is also a nice way to arouse sense of beauty in your child and contribute to your child’s harmonious development.

Age: 8
Product number: 956025E
Brand: Fantazёr