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About US

Fantazёr LLC is the developer and manufacturer of educational toys and creativity sets for children from 0 to 99. Own development, close cooperation with teaching methods specialists of kindergartens and elementary schools, with psychologists and teachers allow “Fantazёr LLC” to be the leader on the market of arts and crafts, DIY and creativity sets. Russian production and European materials allow combining low prices and high quality.

We have been engaged in toy industry since 1995. We began as importers, and since 1998 we have organized our own production and now we sell our toys under the registered trademarks Fantazer, Josephin, Easy Art and Plush Heart.

We think up, develop, patent and make our toys ourselves. That is why there are practically no analogs.

The high quality of our production is supported by real CE certificates. One can check any of our toy on compliance with world standards. The result will always be positive. It is reached, first of all, by using the imported material of high quality, which has no analogs on the Russian market. Questions of product safety are the most important for us because it concerns children.

Though our products are of high quality we carry out the policy of low prices. When you compare our prices with others it is necessary to take into account the product size and appearance. In the shop windows our goods always stand out for the brightness of their color and package design.

All our developments are protected by patents. The right to use these patents belongs to Fantazёr LLC.

Waiting for mutually beneficial and productive cooperation!