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Фантазер The set Paillettes application №8 (Frog) «Real heavy eater»

The set Paillettes application №8 (Frog) «Real heavy eater»

Product number:  257038E

Paillettes Application – is an unusual set for creative work, which combines traditional types of children’s creative work, modern technologies and materials. All children like to make something new, shape, color and decorate…!  And developing set Paillettes Application combines several favorite children’s activities. First, you need to create a dimensional application, choosing and gluing dimensional parts and then decorate with glossy paillettes. Psychologists have known for long time that it is easier to develop all required and useful skills while playing and during creative work. Work with paillettes greatly develops fine motor skills and coordination, makes up such important features like neatness and patience. Creation of dimensional picture develops visual perception and artistic taste. Yet created picture can become an excellent gift to parents, grandmother and grandfather or a friend!

Age: 4
Product number: 257038E
Brand: Fantazёr